Interfaith & Outreach

✓ Currently working on raising $1 Million for 4 Major Hospitals in the GTA (Since 2016)

✓ $25,000 raised at our 6th Annual Golf Tournament in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Research Centre (Aug 12, 2017)

✓ $25,000 raised at Ramadan Benefit Iftar at Princess Margaret Hospital (June 04, 2017)

✓ $50,000 Raised for Milton District Hospital Foundation (2016)

✓ $100,000 Raised for Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (2015-2016)

✓ $100,000 Raised for Etobicoke General Hospital (2015-2016)

✓ Attended and Presented at the 2015 Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City

✓ Interfaith Award Recognition – Intercultural Dialogue Institute (2015)

✓ Attended an Presented at the First Alliance of World Religions for Global Peace in South Korea (2014)

✓ Partnered and lead a campaign to raise $1 Million for William Osler Hospitals (2010 – 2014)

✓ Partnered in Raising $250K for Credit Valley Hospital (2014)

✓ Partnered in Raising $150K for St Joseph Hospital

✓ Leading an International Campaign for World Peace: “Muslim Messengers of Peace” (2014 to present)

✓ Volunteering and Speaking for Trillium Gift of Life Network raising awareness and signing people up for organ donation (

✓ Worked with different relief organizations raising Millions of dollars for victims of wars, natural disasters, orphanages and actions against poverty (1997 to present)

✓ Helped Build schools for boys and girls in remote areas around the world (1997 to present)

✓ Supporting Weekly Food Bank Systems for (400 – 800 hot meals/week) (2002 to present)

✓ Raising funds for sponsorship of children and youth Soccer and Basketball teams in GTA (2006 to present)

✓ Reaching out to Interfaith Communities across Canada and sitting on different interfaith groups and committees in Canada and around the world (1997 to present)

✓ Attending different national and international interfaith conferences (1995 to present)

✓ Raised Millions of dollars to build mosques, schools and Muslim institutions in North America since 1995