Muslims should Collaborate

Thursday Reflections (Nov 19/15): Muslims collaboration

Muslims need to put their differences aside and work together against those who defame their faith in the name of Islam. These are very dangerous and crucial times and Islam and the Muslim world are the subject of a negative discussion at every dining table, every board meeting, every coffee shop, every government and parliament and all global media in all languages. No one can stop ISIL madness except Muslims themselves. If all of us Muslims unite and fight these sick and dangerous ideologies we will defeat them insha Allah. We must fight those who justify killing innocent people, breaking laws and demolishing graves of dead people and terrorizing families in their homes…

However, this will require grass-root work starting with parents discussing with their children the total dissociation of Islam and Muslims from such barbarism and inhumane behaviour, Khatibs and lectures continuously denouncing and refuting this insanity and madness, scholars respecting one another and working together for the sake Allah and unity of the Ummah, leaders and followers being in harmony and respect while putting aside trivial things and more importantly education, education and education of the children, the Muslims masses and the general public about the SIMPLE and PRISTINE Islam.

We do not need heavy loaded Islam, Internet Islam, Angry Islam, Political Islam, Hidden Agenda Islam but we simply need Islam with no adjectives. Islam that teaches Love of Allah the Most Kind and the Most Merciful, Love of His Messenger who was sent as a Mercy to the World (not as a curse) and Love of all Humanity without prejudice while doing the best we can in this life and never lose hope and never despair from the Mercy of Allah. We are all sinners and none of us is perfect or infallible and we know that when we err or sin we must have the courage to admit it and turn in repentance to Allah for He forgives all sins.

Islam was defined to us by our beloved Prophet (S) as: “The Muslim is the one who avoids harming others with his/her hands and his/her tongue” and “the believer is the one whose neighbour is safe from his/her harm.”
I thank Allah that I grew up in the seventies and eighties and back then we did not have internet, tablets and smart phones. Computers were a luxury so we enjoyed the company of our fellow humans and we enjoyed reading books at our pace and with our families. We had Inner-net and it worked far better than internet. It was less information and knowledge but more Love and Wisdom. We were never told to hate but to love and wish for others what you wish for yourself. Our scholars/teachers were also our friends and mentors. Our Imams were our spiritual guides and sometimes our coaches in sports or children/youth activities. Sadly, this is the age of extremism in everything including religion. Prophet Muhammad (S) warned us from extremism and instructed us to balance between things and avoid going to the extremes.

Let us revive the simplicity and humanity of Islam for the greatness of the latter is in its simplicity and love and service for humanity.
May Allah give us the will to humble ourselves and to understand what Islam is all about!


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