Dr. Slimi is the founder of good number of organizations and projects currently working on the following projects:

Sayeda Khadija Centre


Dr. Slimi is the resident scholar, Imam and President of the Sayeda Khadija Centre in Misissauga, Ontario, Canada


Canadian Centre for Deen Studies


The Canadian Centre for Deen Studies is an institution providing Formal religious/spiritual Education from qualified scholarship, in a contemporary Canadian context. Visit:


Faith of Life Network


A Canada-wide organization with the specific mission to promote the positive value of Islam and Muslims – and engage in networking and service to humanity.  Visit:


Pencak Silat Alazhar SBD Martial Arts Canada


A Martial Arts School run personally by Dr. Hamid Slimi and his students focused on the Southeast Asian Martial Art of Pencak Silat which is practiced in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and the Phillipines. For more information


International Academy For Human Resource & Community Development

INT Academy 3 PSD Hi-RES

The International Academy for human resource and community development is focused on equipping interested individuals with Soft Skills, Interpersonal and Professional Skills. The programs are various and designed for both career oriented goals and successful life achievements. For more information:

Hospitals & Philanthropy


Working for project to raise $1 Million every year for hospitals and medical research in Ontario. Visit:


Muslim Messengers of Peace

A Facebook Campaign engaging Canadian Muslims and Muslims around the world to become peacemakers and messengers of Peace by working with their human brethren from different faiths to end wars and conflicts



Alif Lam Mim Academy

An institution and an opportunity for students aged between 6 and 13 to learn their deen in a friendly, rich and diverse environment from qualified teachers in a modern facility. The program also focuses on equipping teenagers and youth between 13 and 17 years old with life skills and leadership qualities. A program that has successfully hosted many national programs involving the youth in many mainstream activities and opening the opportunities for them to volunteer in many good causes in society.