My Quotes

Some of Dr Hamid SLIMI ‘s quotes:

    The more you say about yourself the less you will have to cherish for yourself. The less you say about yourself the more you will have to cherish for yourself.

    Good seeds do not go bad just wait for the rain.

    Good seeds do not go bad just wait for the rain.

    Life is Love and Love is Life. Without each other there is no meaning for one of them.

    Love is a fruit whose roots are respect, its trunk is good communication, its branches are trust and its leaves are peace.

    Understanding what you do is better than doing what you don’t understand.

    Eat and drink clean in order to be pure from inside and keep clean the outside to increase the purity of the inside.

    You cannot be a good Muslim unless and until you become a good human being.

    A man is never lonely if he has only God and without Him he is in wilderness even in the middle of a large Crowd.

    Life is a laugh when Death ends your breath. And Death is a laugh when you start the real life.

    Wisdom is a right word/action produced at the right time, at the right place in the right way.

    People who shoot defenceless children &innocent civilians have lost their sanity, their spirituality and their humanity.

    They are Certainly cowards, godless & heartless those who cheapen life  and kill children or innocent people in coffee shops and schools.

    No matter how close or far you think you are from God, He still loves you and loves to help you.

    The Prophet (P) was ridiculed, mocked, insulted & even attacked but he prayed for his enemies and ultimately he won their hearts.

    Today’s Biggest Problem isn’t Religious/Cultural differences but rather the increase of Barbaric, Inhuman, Tasteless & Senseless individuals.

    Aujourd’hui le gros problème n’est pas des différences religieuses ou culturelles, mais plutôt la barbarie et l’inhumanité.

    Signs of religious extremism: Focus on unnecessary details, ignorance of core principles, Ill-mannerism, Hate messages and rejection of creativity.

    Keys to Happiness: Contentment, Collaboration, Consideration and Commitment

    There is no genuine love without trust, no trust without good communication and no good communication without respect. The latter is the foundation in every relationship between two people or two nations.

    The ups and downs of circumstances teach us how to sail wisely and diligently in the ocean of life.

    "Acts of violence against women contradict the core values taught by Prophet Muhammad (S) who said, "the best amongst you are those who treat their spouses in the best manners." The welfare of women is the welfare of society and their dignity is to be preserved at all times and in all walks of life. Their contribution in the Muslim society is essential and excluding them is like trying to walk with one leg."

    Build the power to love not the love for power

    You know your strength only when you know your weakness.

    Discovering one’s strengths starts by knowing one’s weaknesses.”

    God forgives as if He saw nothing but we sin as if he sees nothing.”

    Pray to Allah anytime and anywhere. There is no busy signal when you call Him on the prayer line and you do not need a place of worship to worship Him. All earth is pure!

    For any act of worship one needs two wings: Sincerity and following the guidelines.

    If you are allowed to take something then you are also allowed to give it.”

    Bitterness makes us appreciate Sweetness and Sweetness makes us overlook Bitterness.

    A Sincere Leader looks after his followers and a Dishonest Leader looks only after his dollars.

    “When young, we are focused on the act. When older we consider the consequences before any act"

    “The day a person says I know everything is the same day his/her decadence starts but without him/her knowing.”

    Life without faith is meaningless and Faith without life is senseless

    Unlike content people, Greedy people can never be satisfied and happy since they can never have enough of things they do not really need