Travel the World

Travel the World with Dr. Hamid Slimi – is an opportunity to step into past and contemporary cultures throughout the world with Dr. Slimi as your guide. This is not just a tour – it is designed to be a spiritual and educational experience. You are invited to unravel and embrace rich ancient and contemporary cultures as we travel to the Holy Lands, and places like Morocco, Spain, Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, India, China and beyond.

Rumi, the revered ancient poet, writes: “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Rumi

Come join us, Travel the World Explore the richness, the vastness of history and contemporary lived human experience through people, culture, architecture and faith. Elevate your understanding and appreciation of cultures and fulfill your yearning and self-fulfillment.

Last Trip (May 2016) was to India.

2017 trip: November: Southeast Asia on a Cruise with stops in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia (Soldout).