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The Teacher

Dr. Hamid Slimi is an Academic scholar, a spiritual leader, a teacher and a Community Developer. He is:

(1) The current chairman and senior lecturer of the Canadian Centre for Deen Studies (a Muslim Theological Seminary for educating and training future Imams and chaplains).

(2) The Resident Scholar, Imam and Founder of Sayeda Khadija Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. He has been serving as an Educator, Imam, Chaplain and Consultant in Canada since 1997 in different religious and educational institutions.

(3) The Founder and President of Faith of Life Network (A Charitable organization focused on providing spiritual and educational programs as well as bridge building with other faiths for peace building and harmony). 

(4) The President and Head Coach at the International Academy For Human Resources & Community Development.

(5) The President of Canada Pencak Silat Federation working on promoting this ancient traditional Martial Art from Southeast Asia.

And also: (1) The Former Chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams (2006-2013), (2) Lecturer at the Islamic Institute of Toronto (2005 to 2015), (3) Consultant on National and International issues related to religion and spirituality, Islam and Islamic Law, religious dialogue and Social issues, (4) Board member of different Interfaith and Community bodies/groups, (5) TV Producer of Faith of Life TV Shows, videos and documentaries and (6) CEO of a Management and Marketing Solutions Business in Ontario.

Dr. Slimi’s traditional and academic speciality is in Islamic studies and Law as well as Comparative World Religions and Anthropology. In addition to the traditional degrees known as Ijazah, he holds two Masters degrees with High Honors in both disciplines from Morocco and the US and a PhD in Islamic Law from the U.K. He received both his traditional and academic learning in Morocco and attended other renowned institutions and universities in other parts of the world.

From 2009 till 2019 Dr. Slimi has been featured by Georgetown University as one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World for his community development and building as well as his spiritual leadership and interfaith work.

Dr. Slimi has been educated in Arabic, French and English since his early age as a little child. He received intensive training and learning in many Islamic disciplines including Aqeedah, Fiqh, Usul-ul-Fiqh, Maqasid, Tafseer, Seerah, Qur’an and Hadith Sciences and ‘Ulum al-Lughah. Both His Ijazah and Graduate Shahadat are in Fiqh – Islamic Jurisprudence – and Usul-ul-Fiqh – Fundamentals of Jurisprudence. His extensive research has been in the field of Jurisprudential Rules, the Science of Maqasid (Objectives of Law) as well as al-Fiqh al-Muqaaran (Comparative Jurisprudence) in the Four Madhabs.

He has been representing the Muslim community at many Multi-Faith Councils and in the continuous Interfaith Dialogues. He is also an adviser and consultant for a good number of different local and National institutions. Among his many works are his latest book "Modern Day Terrorism: An Examination of the the Islamic Texts & Values" and also his most popular one “Terrorism: An Islamic Perspective” that he published in 2000. He will soon insha Allah publish his latest book “The Concept of Life in Islam”. He has authored a few books and many articles in Arabic and English specifically in Usul-al-Fiqh and Muslim Outreach and he wrote a few papers in French mainly in Islamic Jurisprudence.  To this date, Dr. Slimi has hosted and produced over 200 TV Shows and over 600 videos and hundreds of CDs on different subjects related to faith and life matters.

Dr. Slimi lectures mainly in English, French and Arabic. He can also speak and lecture fairly in a few other languages. He appears occasionally as a guest and consultant on local and national TV networks both in English and French and had his own weekly TV Show in the past on national television for more than four years.

Teaching & Education Career:

Dr. Hamid Slimi identifies himself simply as a teacher. He is a teacher of both Deen (religion & spirituality) and Dunya (life & professional skills). Since his childhood, he has studied both the Deen sciences and learned and acquired many life skills that he is teaching either because of his family business in management and food industry or simply because of his personal passion.

Category 1: Deen Studies

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Hamid Slimi has taught many classes and courses of different sciences of Islam whether in Muslim institutions, schools, seminaries, colleges and universities. He is currently the senior lecturer and resident scholar of the Canadian Centre for Deen Studies as well a visiting professor at a couple of Universities in Indonesia and Turkey. He has been teaching traditional Islamic books for more than twenty years that he himself studied under and with many scholars for many years. Please click here for the full list.

Category 2: Life & Professional Skills

Dr. Hamid Slimi has taught and still teaches publicly or privately courses and lessons in the following areas of great interest to him:

– Languages & Translation: Arabic, French and English

– Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Development

– Counseling & Coaching

– Presentation, Communication & Public Speaking

– Physical Fitness & Self-Defense (Korean, Chinese, Japanese & S.E. Asian martial arts)

– Scripting, Editing, Video Production and Videography

– Management (Events, Tours, Office & Business…)

– Ethnic Cooking (Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, Moroccan, Desi, Italian, Turkish, French)

– Healthy Cooking & Foods – Food safety and handling

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